Nya Infinity Candlestick “Cozies”

Candlestick Cozies based on Nya Infinity Blanket Pattern by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk of Lilla Björn Crochet in Briggs & Little Tuffy in 927 Denim and 88 Oatmeal.

My hubby‘s best friend from college, S, is now a priest, in fact he is the priest who married us! S is now a great friend to both of us and frequent travel buddy. When S travels, he often brings a “travel mass kit,” including candlesticks. S wanted custom protective covers for his candlesticks (a.k.a. candlestick cozies), and I was honored to take on the project.

These cozies are made with one of my #agoesswhocrochetstravelyarns, that is yarn I purchased on my travels. Hubby, S, and I went to Victoria, B.C. in May (quick aside: I took several pictures of my Mijo Crochet Treasure Hunt Scarf while there, see my post for some pic!), and we visited a great yarn store, Beehive Wool Shop. I spent a bit more time there than my hubby and S, but S helped pick this yarn, a Canadian yarn from Briggs & Little – a mill with an interesting history. Tuffy is a 2-ply 80/20 wool/nylon blend with a strong and natural feel. The weight (215 yds to 4 oz) seemed ideal for protecting the candlesticks while not being too bulky.

Lilla Björn‘s Nya Infinity pattern was my first time working with mosaic-style crochet, and I loved it! The instructions were very clear, and I could quickly follow the chart. The cross-like design seemed perfect for this project. Hubby loves it too – he commented while I was working on it, “this might be your best work yet.” He’s pretty great, huh.

Cross-like mosaic design.

I adore Lilla Björn crochet designs, and have several on my to do list. (Too many projects, not enough time!)

The making of

Yarn: Briggs & Little Tuffy in 927 Denim and 88 Oatmeal.

Hook: 5.0mm (H)

Final Size: 20.5 inches/52 cm tall; 19.5 inches/50 cm wide

I made 5 crosses across (chain 63 to start), and 5 crosses up (90 rows). I added an sc filet row (1 sc, 2 chains) at the top to add a drawstring, and finished with a final row of sc. I then made a basic single crochet circular base, starting with 8 sc in a magic rings, and adding 8 stitches (evenly) each round for 10 rounds. I attached this base to the bottom with sc, aligning the base so the edges of the mosaic overlapped some so that the cozy would wrap around the candlestick.

The sides overlap of the base so the cozy wraps around the candlestick.

For the drawstring at the top, I used a finger-weaving technique I used to make friendship bracelets when I was little. It was a challenge to make one this long!

Drawstring close-up.

S is happy with his cozies, and has already asked for additional pieces for other items in his mass kit.

Candlesticks wrapped and ready for travel.

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