Mijo Crochet and Inspiration

Treasure Hunt scarf designed by Johanna Lindahl of Mijo Crochet in Scheepjes Our Tribe Canadutch.

I was excited when Johanna of Mijo Crochet invited me to test one of her patterns and described it to me. I was REALLY excited when she shared a picture and confirmed I could also try out Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn. And I was in love with the gorgeous pattern and super-soft yarn after only the first two rows. At that point, it looked like it could be jewelry:

First two rows of Treasure Hunt – taken in a poorly-lit hotel room, so the picture was processed to brighten.

I did not want to put this project down! It is a learnable 2-row repeat worked in spaces (after the foundation row and until the border) so is simple to work, but the result is absolutely elegant. It is also very wearable – the v-neck shape makes it very comfortable and light, and the yarn has great colors. I want one in every Our Tribe colorway, and maybe a few more in other yarns, too. Scheepjes Whirl would make a lovely over-sized version.

My blog is mainly about the people (Mom, Dad, and my husband were appropriate first honorees), places (Seattle), and experiences (coming soon!) that inspire my crochet work. (Warning: forms of the word inspire are used way too often in what follows!) Johanna and her Mijo Crochet designs are a major inspiration. My hands cannot work fast enough to make all her patterns. I particularly like her shawl patterns, both because the wearability of shawls is ideal for showing off beautiful crochet work, and because of the variety of stitches and shapes Johanna uses in her designs. The stitches in her patterns include open-work laces like Tranquility and V for Vintage, cozier fabrics such as Ocean State of Mind and Dragon Belly, and the floral motifs of Flower Maze. The shapes of her shawls range from all kinds of triangles, like Lost in Time (top-down), Treasure Net (bottom-up), Cirrus (side-to-side), Armadillo (one-sided increase), to the asymmetrical shapes of Macaw Wing and Wild Wheat. It would be neglectful of me not to mention her other wonderful patterns, including baskets, blankets, squares, etc. and useful stitch and techniques tutorials.

I am also inspired by the story and bloggers behind the Our Tribe yarn. I had the hardest time selecting a color to make Treasure Hunt (so many beauties to choose from!), and in the process read, through the Scheepjes Bloggers‘ entire blog hop from when the yarn was released. I was drawn in by each designer’s story and each post is an inspiring and touching glimpse at the woman (or man) behind the craft. They talk about how they got to where they are, their relationships with each other, and the process they used to select their yarn colors. Some include pictures of their selected paint chips (which they used to pick colors), and I found this helpful in deciphering the colors from online photos (I do not have a Scheepjes stockist nearby).

Some of the posts in the blog hop linked to the next person’s blog, but not the specific post. Since the posts are now older, it took some googling or clicking through to older posts to find some of them. For convenience, I’ve linked the blog hop in order below. Their blog name links to their blog, and their post title links to their Our Tribe post. Click their first name to see the designer/blogger’s “About” page (if available).

After much hemming and hawing, I selected Canadutch. The moody gray, teal, and lavender combination is probably close to what I would design. In addition, since I consider crochet my primary craft, I thought this would be an opportunity for me to use a Canadutch design (her designs are mostly knit). I also have a couple other projects in mind for Lookatwhatimade and Cypress Textiles so I eliminated those two for diversification. Lilla Björn and Haak Maar Raak are high on my list for future projects.

I impatiently waited for the yarn to arrive, and, when it did, I was thrilled with the vibrancy of the colors and soft texture of the yarn:

Two skeins gray/teal/lavender of yarn labeled with Canadutch color.
Our Tribe in Canadutch.
3 skeins of yarn: 1 white-ish, 1 pinks/blues/yellow, 1 green with labels for colors Silver Birch, Look at What I Made, and Olive Wreath.
Our Tribe in Sliver Birch, Look At What I Made, and Olive Wreath, for a different project.

As soon as Johanna’s pattern was ready, I dove in.

The Making of

Yarn: Our Tribe by Scheepjes in 975 Canadutch – one skein (I had some leftover). Did you see two skeins in the picture above? I have an idea for that second skein…

Hook: 3.5 mm

Final size (after blocking): width – 5.5 inches (~14 cm); length of one long edge (point to end) – 33.5 inches (~85 cm)

I followed the pattern exactly as written, including the recommended number of repeats. This was a relaxing, addicting, quick project, and I loved every minute of it!

More Pictures

After finishing and blocking, I wore my scarf on a weekend trip to Victoria, BC, Canada to have afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel (arguably the best afternoon tea outside of Europe). The beautiful spring day in this island city was the perfect backdrop for some Treasure Hunt pictures, and I had fun finding scenes to photograph with the scarf.

The following weekend, I went on a trip to Washington State wine country where there were many more fun scenes to photograph. Can you spot the horses in the background of one picture? The one on the garden statue particularly makes me smile.

Scarf on the back of a bench with a red wall behind.

I need to learn some photography skills to better capture the beauty of my creations and surroundings!

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