Hubby’s Hat and our AdventureLife

Blue hat with green-ish gold chevron stripe.
Pattern: Chevron Beanies by Deja Joy

The first time I kissed my hubby, we were standing in front of his open refrigerator, and two priests were playing Ticket to Ride in the next room. Two years and one day later those same priests, B’s best friend from college and a friend of his from seminary, married us in what must be the cutest church in Connecticut. We’ve since told them the story, but it felt adventurous, and maybe a little scandalous, at the time.

AdventureLife emerged as a theme in our relationship early on. It started as Adventure Day – the day we went waterfall rappelling and ziplining in Costa Rica. In the two years we dated before getting married, we went on a trip each month. Some of our adventures have led to adopting each other’s hobbies: I started SCUBA diving and, more recently, golfing. B started biking. Others involve pre-existing shared interests, such as musical theater: we have season tickets to the Broadway series at our local theater and, the week before our wedding, we saw Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, and most of the original cast (except Jonathan Groff as King George) in Hamilton on Broadway. Even lazy days at home are a special part of our AdventureLife. For example, we do the Wall Street Journal Contest Crossword Puzzle each week, and even won last year for our answer submitted on my birthday!

Text from the Wall Street Journal blog : "Mike Miller: Belated greetings--this was another popular puzzle with a number popular incorrect answers! We had 1186 entries, about 75% correct. Incorrect entries, some described below, included several creature-themed movies. THE LION KING (36), JURASSIC PARK (28), A BUG'S LIFE (23), RETURN OF JAFAR (21) and BABE (20). And congrats to this week's winner Andrea Goess of Travelers Rest, SC!
That’s me, the winner!

I could write for days about our adventures, but the key part of the story is there is no one with whom I’d rather spend my life adventuring.

This weekend our AdventureLife took us to Mt. Rainier National Park to celebrate our anniversary.
2 SCUBA divers under water.

When it comes to my crochet habit, B is very supportive. He even joined me at some of my Woolith Fair stops in Vancouver. Our adventures certainly fuel my inspiration. I’d been trying to figure out something I could make for him, which is challenging since he wears short sleeves even in the winter (ruling out a sweater), doesn’t wear accessories (nixing scarves), and never needs a blanket unless he is asleep (so no man-shawl or afghan). But when he went skiing earlier this year, we realized he needed a ski hat, and while we were at Wet Coast Wools during Woolith Fair, I found yarn that sounded perfect for a ski hat.

The Making of

Yarn: Zealana Rimu fingerling weight in R06 Lake Taupo and R02 Kiwicrush. Zealana creates mixed fiber yarn made with New Zealand Brushtail Possum fiber. The merino wool and brushtail possum combination in their “Performa” series is soft but also is supposed to be durable and functional making the resulting material similar to a performance fabric (but natural instead of synthetic). This sounded perfect for a ski hat. It comes in a beautiful array of colors, and I couldn’t choose, so B selected a blue and greenish gold inspired by his alma mater (Notre Dame). I enjoyed working with this soft, interesting yarn.

Pattern: I toyed with making my own design, but since I’ve never made a hat before and they require some shaping, I decided to follow a pattern. Since the hat must be worn beneath a ski helmet and in the cold, I needed to pick something with a smooth texture and no holes. Chevron Beanies by Deja Joy fit my requirements and had the added bonus of featuring a chevron pattern – a classic in my family since it was my Grandmother’s signature pattern. I checked my gauge, which was slightly looser than in the pattern, but I thought this would be good since B’s head circumference was 2 inches bigger than the size listed in the pattern. The hat seemed loose as I worked it up, but I stuck with it. In the end it fit… kinda. But I was not satisfied and worried it would shift too much under his helmet. So I frogged down to the crown (I hate frogging!) and used a smaller hook. I also made an adjustment to the pattern. Starting the chevron stitch in gold just below the crown of the hat made it look B was wearing a pointy (royal) crown. I added two rows of plain double crochet before the transition to the chevron, and then one row of blue in the chevron before switching to the gold. This helped to smooth out the top of the hat.

Hook: 4.omm crown, 3.75mm body

Though B and I share many adventures, skiing is not one of them. So while I won’t be with him on the slopes, the hat I made him will.

Blue and gold hat on top of a wooden coat rack.
Hubby’s hat.

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