What I Read: March And April 2019

  • Richard Powers, Overstory, is the heart-wrenching stories of a cast of characters (including trees) intertwined, directly and indirectly, by trees. I felt the love, joy, and pain of this book internally. This book recently won the Pulitzer Prize.
  • Annie Proulx, Barkskins, is another tree-themed book – a sprawling 300-year saga about a family in the timber business.
  • Jennifer Egan, Manhattan Beach, is about a woman who learns to dive during WWII and contains particularly interesting descriptions of the diving gear she had to don.
  • Chuck Klosterman, Downtown Owl, is about a cast of characters from a small town in North Dakota whose stories take place before the internet, but still somehow reminded me of how stories spread on social media. It had me laughing out-loud at times as I walked to work listening to it on my headphones.
  • Megan Abbott, Give Me Your Hand, is a mystery set in a university chemistry research lab that my husband and I chose to listen to together based on a recommendation from the Wall Street Journal. Our experiences with academia made parts of the novel unrealistic to us, but that probably wouldn’t be a problem for most people.

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