Nya Infinity Candlestick “Cozies”

Candlestick Cozies based on Nya Infinity Blanket Pattern by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk of Lilla Björn Crochet in Briggs & Little Tuffy in 927 Denim and 88 Oatmeal. My hubby's best friend from college, S, is now a priest, in fact he is the priest who married us! S is now a great friend to both of … Continue reading Nya Infinity Candlestick “Cozies”

“Tasty Tamarind” and Cozy Lavender

Tasty Tamarind designed by Johanna Lindahl of Mijo Crochet in Scheepjes Whirligig 204 Lavender to Teal and Whirligigette 252 Teal. When I started this blog, I intended to not write about work. But I also planned to write about the people, places, and things that I think about while I crochet, and for this project I was thinking about … Continue reading “Tasty Tamarind” and Cozy Lavender

Rachy Newin’s Melting Pot

Melting Pot Shawl designed by Rachy Newin in Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Addiction in Rock Creek, Scout's Honor, Collards & Greens, Kelp Beds, and Turquoise Jeans. This summer, I came across a wonderful designer, Rachy Newin. She has an extensive collection of designs with numerous shawls, my fave to make! She focuses on using hand-dyed … Continue reading Rachy Newin’s Melting Pot

What I Read: March And April 2019

Richard Powers, Overstory, is the heart-wrenching stories of a cast of characters (including trees) intertwined, directly and indirectly, by trees. I felt the love, joy, and pain of this book internally. This book recently won the Pulitzer Prize. Annie Proulx, Barkskins, is another tree-themed book - a sprawling 300-year saga about a family in the … Continue reading What I Read: March And April 2019